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7601 North Eastlake Terrace    Chicago, IL 60626

Tenant Screening Policy
effective  since
January 1, 1996

Lee Street Management (LSM) will apply tenant-screening standards that are objective, business related, consistent, fair and reasonable.  Lee Street Management will follow all Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances with regard to Equal Opportunity,  Equal Credit and Fair Housing, etc. Owners, staff and employees of Lee Street Management or its agents, must adhere to the following guidelines and procedures:
  1. All potential applicants may personally view at least one available apartment that is consistent with their self-described needs or desires. Lee Street Management specifically states herein that it does not provide "tours" of its properties for the general purpose of "letting applicants get a look" at what apartments we may or may not have available.

  2. The applicant may then unilaterally elect to complete one or more of our apartment application forms. It is our specific policy to presume any applicant who desires an application form for an apartment will ask us for same. We maintain a public forms-rack inside of the applicant/reception area of our offices that makes our application form highly visible and immediately available to any person(s) who may chose to take one. Any failure on our part to verbally or consistently offer an application form to any applicant shall not in any manner be construed as an intentional or unintentional violation of any person(s) protected rights.

  3. Each adult who will live in an apartment, regardless of age, disability, ancestry, sexual orientation, military discharge status, source of income, race, religion, color, nationality, national origin, marital status, familial status or any other protected status, must complete a separate formal application and pay a separate application fee. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  4. Each adult applicant described above must pay a separate, nonrefundable $25 application fee.

  5. We will order an independently prepared credit report for each adult applicant. We cannot accept or review any tenant-provided credit reports.

  6. When the application, the credit report, various tenant-supplied documents and all other necessary materials are assembled, they will be reviewed by our leasing agent.

  7. The prospective tenant review shall include an evaluation of credit history and performance, former landlord references, if any, employment references, if any, verification of income, if any, photo ID's and other relevant documents presented by the applicant.

  8. An applicant for residency in a Lee Street Management apartment shall be automatically rejected under any of the following circumstances or conditions:

    •  The applicant has been a party in any eviction action or other landlord/tenant litigation, without regard to final disposition of that action

    •  The applicant has a significant history of late payment(s) or nonpayment to any creditor or landlord

    •  The applicant has a criminal history (official or otherwise) of any nature whatsoever that, in our sole judgment, may create a present or future threat to the safety or welfare of our residents, employees or neighbors

    •  The discovery of any inconsistency or falsehood of any nature whatsoever, whether material or immaterial, whether intentional or unintentional, whether known or unknown, whether verbal or written, during the application process. Please note that such a discovery, made at any time before or during a tenancy, will absolutely subject an applicant or resident to eviction. Such an eviction action, if made within a reasonable time after the discovery of the inconsistency or falsehood, shall be based entirely upon this condition, without regard to the behavior of the resident subsequent to the making of the inconsistency or the falsehood. This particular category of offense is regarded as unacceptable by the owners of this management company

    •  Any unfavorable reference from an employer, landlord or other source that, in our sole judgment, may expose Lee Street Management or its residents to an unreasonable business, financial, safety, security or other risk

    •  Any reason whatsoever, on the part of Lee Street Management, to believe that the present applicant(s) may be attempting to rent an apartment for the benefit of themselves, having been previously rejected, or for the benefit of another applicant, having been previously rejected, or for the additional benefit of unknown or additional persons(s) other than those expressly identified on the application(s)

    •  Any rude, inappropriate, vulgar or threatening behavior or implication whatsoever, including offensive language, by any applicant toward any Lee Street Management personnel or resident

    • Applicant is an illegal alien or other person (as defined by the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization) not legally qualified for permanent or temporary residency in the United States of America

    •  Any demand for an improvement to any available apartment or common area that is above or beyond improvements required by City Ordinances or Building Codes, which in our sole judgment, is unreasonable or unacceptable

    •  An unfavorable physical inspection of the applicant's present residence, evaluated strictly and only as it may relate to the healthfulness, cleanliness, safety or security of the applicant(s) or as it may affect any current resident or employee

  9. All other circumstances being equal, qualified applicants will generally be awarded an available apartment on a strictly first come, first served basis, with the tendering of a certified security deposit and the signing of a lease defining "first come." However, where we believe additional applicants may come forward, thus generating a more competitive and financially beneficial rental opportunity for Lee Street Management, we will reserve the right to market an apartment for an additional, indefinite period of time, without regard to the existence of one or more other ready, willing or qualified applicants. At no time shall the overt or continuing act(s) of marketing an occupied or vacant apartment, or accepting an application(s) for same, be construed as an irrevocable offer, commitment or obligation to create a lease for or give possession of that apartment to any person or entity.

  10. Lee Street Management reserves the absolute right to neither expressly accept or deny any application for any apartment and shall have no duty whatsoever to provide explanation for any such inaction. All applicants shall have the irrevocable right to a full and immediate refund of their application fee upon written demand, if such demand is made within 14 days of the date of the original application. Lee Street Management shall retain the unilateral right to refund any application fee to any applicant for any reason whatsoever, without recourse or explanation.

  11. Lee Street Management shall retain the absolute and irrevocable right to take or to keep unoccupied possession of any or all marketed or unmarketed apartment(s), without explanation. Such rights and privileges of possession are vested by land title and shall not be subordinate to, or interpreted as a violation of, any right(s) whatsoever of any non-titled person, party, entity or agency.

  12. Lee Street Management shall not be bound in any way whatsoever, to reveal the existence of any vacant, or imminently vacant apartment, to any inquiring applicant or party whomsoever, where it does not have the intention to immediately market or lease that apartment. This event may occur for example, where Lee Street Management deems the apartment in need of repair or otherwise unsuitable for immediate rental.

  13. Lee Street Management shall be bound by any and all Federal, State and Local laws, regulation and ordinances governing Landlord and Tenant legal or contractual relationships only for any portion of any property where such a Landlord and Tenant relationship shall specifically exist. Lee Street Management expressly states herein, that no such Landlord and Tenant relationship shall exist with regard to any vacant portion (apartment or other non-common area) of any property owned or managed by Lee Street Management, that such areas shall be regarded as private and personal real estate holdings and that no Federal, State or Local laws, regulations or ordinances governing Landlord and Tenant relationships shall apply.

  14. All adults who desire to share a single apartment, must each qualify and co-sign a single lease.

  15. Lee Street Management reserves the right to negotiate with a prospective tenant, in good faith, for a security deposit of any dollar amount allowed by law. The purpose of, and motivation for any security deposit negotiation, shall be strictly interpreted as a measure of, and an offset to, the landlords perceived business risk associated with the creation of a lease. Lee Street Management reserves the right to reject an applicant who presents a perceived business risk requiring a deposit greater than what may be permitted by any local ordinance.

  16. Under no circumstance shall an applicant(s) receive final approval for an apartment or a lease from any person(s) other than Michael or Victoria Lee. No employee or other person whomsoever, shall have the authority to make any binding commitment, lease or contract for Lee Street Management or for any Lee Street Management property. All apartment lease awards shall be granted by Michael or Victoria Lee only.

  17. Lee Street Management cannot nor would not, prevent any person(s) from acquiring or submitting a LSM apartment application. Our rental applications are available at all times, either at our business office, or online at http://www.leestreet/application/index.php. Lee Street Management will never refuse to accept, or consider in good faith, any application tendered by any person(s). Under no circumstances, shall any prospective applicant(s), who may inquire about, or view any LSM apartment(s), either legitimately or under a false pretense, claim a violation of any protected right against Lee Street Management for its "failure to rent," where an application or rental contract was not tendered to Lee Street Management by the prospective applicant(s).

  18. This policy shall apply equally to any and all protected or unprotected classes of applicant(s).

  19. This written Screening Policy has been used by Lee Street Management, consistently and without change, since January 1, 1996.

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