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OFFICE: (773) 761-3300    FAX: 773) 465-7733
7601 North Eastlake Terrace    Chicago, IL 60626


Date: __________________

Monthly Fee: $ _______________ 

This agreement is separate from and independent of any apartment rental agreement(s) between Lee Street Management, Owners, and _________________________________________________ , apartment tenants.

Tenants reside in a Lee Street Management apartment located at:



Tenants separately agree to RENT a Lee Street Management parking space or garage located at:



Tenants agree to keep only the following described vehicle in this parking space or garage:

Make_____________________ Model___________________________
Year________ License #___________________________ State_______
Color________________ Lee Street Management Parking Sticker #___________

Because all persons are strictly prohibited from parking any vehicle on Lee Street Management's property without the Owner's permission, Parking Space or Garage Renters agree to the following terms and conditions in exchange for such permission:

1) The above named Lee Street Management (LSM) Apartment Tenants agree that they are NOT tenants of the above described parking space or garage, but that they are instead, parking space or garage Renters. As parking space or garage Renters (hereinafter referred to as "Renters"), they understand that this agreement is for vehicles only and not for persons. Therefore, the Renters also understand and agree that the parking space or garage described above is NOT subject to either the Chicago or the Evanston Landlords and Tenants Ordinances. This is a separate agreement and is in no way an attachment or and addendum to the Tenant's apartment lease. The manner of monthly rental payment shall not affect this rental condition.

2) Renters agree that the parking space described above shall be patrolled by an independent towing company, 24 hours a day, for the purpose of towing or removing any unregistered or otherwise unauthorized vehicles.

3) Renters agree to hold Lee Street Management harmless for any damage or other liability whatsoever, caused by the towing or removal of any vehicle regardless of whether a LSM parking sticker is displayed in or on any vehicle.

4) Renters indemnifies and holds Lee Street Management harmless for any damages or claims whatsoever, that may be caused by or arise from the renter's use of any Lee Street Management parking space, garage or driveway.

5) Renters agree that they shall at all times, keep a current, numbered, Lee Street Management parking sticker affixed to the lower, inside, right front window of their vehicles.

6) Renters will ensure that their vehicles comply with all local and state ordinances with regard to licensing, registration, emissions, insurance and other official requirements.

7) Renters agree not to leave their vehicles unattended or in a state of serious disrepair for unreasonable periods.

8) Renters agree that their vehicles will not discharge any waste, oil, fuel, noxious fumes or hazardous materials at any time and will assume full responsibility for any damages that may arise therefrom.

9) Renters agree not to leave children, pets or other living organisms in their vehicles, unattended.

10) Renters shall keep their vehicles locked and secure at all times and shall attempt to conceal all valuables from plain view.

11) Renters agree to keep their vehicles or sound systems from being unnecessarily noisy or and causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and will immediately remedy any complaints made either from a neighbor or from Lee Street Management.

12) Renters agree to provide Lee Street Management with any requested information regarding the identity of their vehicle.

13) Renters agree that this rental agreement is now and shall forever be an at-will agreement, without regard to the amount, the frequency, the regularity or the manner of the rental payment.

14) Renters agree that failure to pay rent in advance, for a parking space or garage shall cause an immediate revocation of Lee Street Management's permission to use that space or garage.

15) Renters agree that their vehicles shall be appropriately sized, for their particular space or garage and shall not physically extend outside of or beyond the designated, assigned parking space. Lee Street Management shall be the sole and final determiner of what constitutes an "appropriately sized vehicle" as it applies to this agreement.

16) Renters agree to pay immediately for any damage, loss, or expense caused by them or their vehicle, and if requested by Lee Street Management, they will add $ ____________ to their parking space or garage security deposit, which may be used for cleaning, repairs or delinquent rent when Renters vacate without notice. This added deposit, or what remains of it when damages have been assessed, will be returned to Renters within ___________ days after they have proved that they no longer use this space or garage.

17) Renters agree that this Agreement shall be for the specific vehicle described above and that no other vehicle may be substituted. Tenants agree to furnish the Owners with a photograph of their vehicle, upon request.

18) Renters agree that Lee Street Management DOES NOT provide snow removal and that rent for any space or garage shall not be prorated or otherwise reduced by any diminished usefulness of a parking space, whether real or perceived.

19) Renters agree that Lee Street Management reserves the right to revoke, without recourse, permission to keep any vehicle in any parking space or garage should the Renters, in the sole judgment of Lee Street Management, violate the terms and conditions of this agreement or if Lee Street Management decides, unilaterally, to modify or revoke it's parking or garage policy.

20) Renters agree that they will immediately obey any request, ordinance or order of any kind, made upon them or upon Lee Street Management, by any governmental or law enforcement authority.

21) Renters agree to carefully park within their designated areas only and will not encroach onto the space of any other renter or onto any other private property. Renters will not block access to or from the spaces of any other renters. Renters agree that any dispute between renters about encroachment shall be settled between the renters, the Renters having no standing to involve LSM in such dispute. This term notwithstanding, LSM retains the authority to enter and resolve any such dispute sua sponte, with any LSM imposed resolution being final and unappealable.

22) Renters agree that any guest of the renter who may use the renter's space or garage, shall abide by the terms of this agreement and that the renter shall assume all responsibility and liability for any actions of their guest with regard to the use of this space or garage.

23) Renters agree that Lee Street Management forever retains the right to park any other vehicle in any Lee Street Management owned parking space or garage, whether rented or not rented, at any time, without notice, with the renter's sole liquidated remedy, including costs, being to demand an immediate refund of any unused rent and or security deposit.

24) Lee Street Management reserves the unilateral right to reassign any space or garage used by any renter at any time. If renter is not satisfied with any space or garage reassignment, their sole remedy shall be to cancel this agreement effective immediately upon delivery of written notice to Lee Street Management.

25) This agreement may be cancelled at any time, for any reason, by either party, verbally or in writing, without notice or recourse. Such cancellation shall not waive or forfeit any claim by Lee Street Management for any damages or liabilities that may have been created by the Renter during the course of this agreement. Such claims however, shall be specifically restricted to the Renter's physical use of the parking space, driveway or garage and not for any unpaid rent due.

Owner __________________________________
                To be signed by Lee Street Management only

Renter __________________________________

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