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7601 North Eastlake Terrace    Chicago, IL 60626

  Privacy Policy

LEE STREET MANAGEMENT TAKES YOUR PRIVACY SERIOUSLY.  Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.  This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, so please check back frequently.

Lee Street Management is committed to your privacy and security and wants to provide you with the best possible online experience.  To that end, we want you to understand what kinds of information we gather from you, how this information is used and safeguarded, and how you can control its use.

What information does Lee Street Management collect?

The types of information we collect from you will vary, depending on how you use our Web Site. If you are reading this paragraph in realtime, it is likely that our automated tracking software has made a record of miscellaneous, non-personal information such as your computer processor number, your internet provider and mac addresses, the date, time and length of each unique visit and re-visit to each page within our Web Site, your link-in and link-out paths, your browser version, and other things. This non-personal information is used strictly for LeeStreet.com Web Site analysis, development, marketing, security, copyright infringement monitoring and technical purposes. This information is not available to unrelated outside parties. Please know that our tracking software is not presently recording, or capable of recording, any information that might identify you personally. If you choose to make an application for one of our residential apartments however, you may be asked to provide information such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, street address, Social Security Number, date of birth, personal or employment references and banking information.  Your signature at the bottom of our Apartment Application is our authorization to procure and examine your credit report and other voluntarily provided information. Whenever we ask for such information, we strive to refer you to this Privacy Policy to help you understand how your personal information might be used and to help you decide whether to make such voluntary disclosures.

How do you use personal information?

Our use of your personal information will depend upon the purpose for which it was provided.  Please review any category below that may relate to an interactive portion of our site.  Be aware that Lee Street Management may at times be legally compelled to disclose certain information by order of a Court or Subpoena.

  • Apartment Search and or Application Processing:  We may use your telephone number or e-mail address to contact you for follow-up or administrative reasons.  You may request such communication be terminated at any time.  If you indicate an interest in any particular or potential apartment availability's, we may retain your contact information for that purpose.
  • Complimentary Tools:  Our sites allow you to use many helpful tools, such as financial calculators, available apartment search tools, local attractions, services and commercial links, aerial Eastlake tours, and others, without disclosing any personal information.  These tools are for your benefit, and the information you may voluntarily provide when you use them (typically impersonal data) is not disclosed to anyone or used for any purpose other than to assist you with the service selected.
  • User-Requested Services:  You may choose to request services of a more substantial or personal nature when using our Web site.  For example, you may request our help locating an insurance agent or a moving company, or assist you with other courtesy arrangements.  The information you provide when seeking such assistance may be used in the following way:  
  • For any assistance provided directly by Lee Street Management your information may be used solely to affect the particular service we may have agreed to provide.  We may also share any contact or other non-financial information you may have supplied, such as your name, e-mail or street address, with subcontractors, but only to the extent necessary to fulfill your request. You are not required to cooperate with any unsolicited telephone request by Lee Street Management.  If the service you request requires submission of financial information, such as a credit card number to be used for a rental or other owing obligation, such financial information will be held in confidence and will be used only for its intended and approved purpose. Any express written agreement such as a lease that you may make with us regarding the use of your credit report, credit card or credit card information, shall remain binding without limitation, for as long as but only until all related financial obligations between both parties have been satisfied.

  • User-Initiated Communication: Our Web site enables you to send e-mail to us or to unrelated third parties.  Whenever you initiate communication with us, or anyone else, we will respond.
  • Referrals: If you participate in any referral service we may offer, we will use the information you submit to determine which of our participating professionals may be able to serve your needs.  We may then send your name and contact information to the selected professional, who may then contact you.

Will I have control over the use of my personal information?

Reading this Privacy Policy should help you understand how any information you share with us might be used.  If you feel concerned about any of these uses, you may forego any disclosure.  We will never request personal information without your knowledge, so the decision whether to provide information is completely yours.

How do I elect to maintain my privacy?

The decision to forego disclosure of any personal information remains with you at all times.  If at any point you elect to cease disclosure of personal information, you may do so.  You may request that we terminate communication with you at any time.

Can I access or change my information?

You cannot view, edit or delete the personal information you submitted to our site.  If you would like us to delete the personal information you have provided to us, please send a request to Lee Street Management.  We will honor your request.

How do you protect my personal information?

Your personal information is password-protected from unauthorized access and is stored solely on our Web Site servers.  We do not transfer your information to our internal operational or administrative computers.  Our website servers are located behind a “firewall,” which makes their contents externally inaccessible.

We appreciate your cooperation in safeguarding the integrity of your privacy.  We encourage you to communicate with us immediately if you suspect that the information you share with us is being used in any way contrary to this Privacy Policy.  To contact us, send e-mail to: General@leestreet.com

Scope of this Privacy Policy: Outside Links

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the Web Sites owned and operated by Lee Street Management.  Our pages contain links to sites that are independent of, and outside the control of Lee Street Management.  These sites may collect indeterminate information about you and may operate according to their own privacy practices, which likely differ from Lee Street Management’s Privacy Policy.  If you travel to an outside site via our site, we cannot be responsible or liable for whatever use or misuse a third party may make of any personal information you may intentionally or unintentionally provide.

Communicating with Us

If you have concerns or questions about our privacy practices, please contact our office.

Lee Street Management
Privacy Policy Administrator
7601 North Eastlake Terrace
Chicago, Illinois 60626-1421
Telephone  (773) 761-6000
Fax  (773) 465-7755


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